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Our Mission

Years of Experience In Creating The Best Children’s Book!

Our team has written books for children of various ages, from board books for newborns and toddlers to chapter books for older children. We act as a team extensively with our clients to understand their book’s concept, writing style, and desired outcome. We take pride in creating high-quality work that exceeds our client’s expectations and assists them in achieving their objectives.

We are deeply committed to helping our clients in bringing their stories to life and creating lasting memories for their young readers. We are certain that we are the best children’s book creators in the market because of our knowledge and dedication. Please contact us today to talk about your project and learn how we can assist you in becoming a published children’s book author!

The books we've designed, written and published independently.

With comprehensive services and expert guidance, we tailor our support to meet each author's unique needs.

Create the Impact!

Need Guidance on Perfecting Your Children's Book?

Our expert team will transform your manuscript into a colorful, engaging, and age-appropriate masterpiece ready to captivate young minds

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Story Crafting

We turn budding ideas into captivating tales designed to ignite the imaginative spark in young minds

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Review and Proofreading

Our skilled team ensures the text is engaging, age-appropriate, and free from errors, enhancing readability

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Illustration and Design

Our artists create vibrant illustrations that amplify the story, enticing the children's visual senses and imagination.

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Illustration Revisions

We refine the illustrations to perfectly synchronize with the narrative, enriching the overall storytelling experience.

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Final Formatting

We meticulously arrange text and illustrations for a visually harmonious and easy-to-follow layout.

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The final masterpiece, prepared and polished, is ready for publication, set to embark on a journey into the hands of young readers.

Our Testimonials


Our Testimonials

Saturn Book Publishers gave life to my story! From writing to printing to marketing, they were more professional and creative than I had hoped. "It's a great idea!

A.M. Morrell

It was a dream come true to work with Saturn Book Publishers! Their expert team helped me through every step, making sure that more people read my book and that it got great reviews.

Peter Shokeir

Saturn Book Publishers made my work into a masterpiece! Their commitment to quality, personalised service, and effective marketing helped my book reach new heights.

Rachel Cullen

Saturn Book Publishers is the reason why my book did well. Their excellent writing, publishing, and marketing services got my work the attention it earned and won me loyal readers.

Brendan O'Meara

The best thing I did was choose Saturn Book Publishers. Their dedication to quality, quick printing process, and effective marketing helped my book become a best-seller!

Brenda Poppy
Why Choose

Releasing Imaginations with Saturn Book Publishers: Why We're Your Storybook Wizards!

  • Save yourself the time and effort of formatting your book with our professional formatting services.
  • Our custom design services can help you create a captivating book cover that entices readers and boosts sales.
  • Additionally, we make publishing your book a hassle-free process, ensuring that it's available globally on major platforms like Amazon, KDP, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Could Your Story Be the Next Bedtime Favorite?

There's only one way to discover. Don't let your tale linger in the shadows any longer; call us now. With Saturn Book Publishers, you're not just writing. You're crafting dreams, inspiring young minds, and weaving a world of wonder. Let's start this magical adventure together!


Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us you might want to check whether your question is one of our frequently asked questions.

A children’s book needs to have an engaging story that captures the reader’s imagination, relatable characters that children can connect with, and colorful illustrations that bring the story to life. It should also incorporate educational elements that promote learning and development.
The most important part of a children’s book is the story itself, as it needs to be engaging, memorable, and relatable to capture the child’s attention and imagination. The characters and illustrations also play a crucial role in bringing the story to life and making it memorable.
Publishing a children’s book can be challenging, as the market is highly competitive and requires high creativity and skill to stand out. However, with the right guidance and support from experienced professionals, it is possible to successfully publish and share a children’s book with the world.
Children's books are typically intended for readers between the ages of 0 and 12, although some may be targeted at older readers.
We publish a wide variety of children's books, including picture books, chapter books, middle grade manuscript, and young adult fiction.
Yes, we do accept unsolicited manuscripts, but we strongly encourage authors to review our submission guidelines carefully before submitting their work.
The publishing process for a children's book can vary depending on a number of factors, but it generally takes between 12 and 18 months from acquisition to publication.
We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all of our books, and we actively seek out and publish stories that reflect a wide range of experiences and perspectives.
We use a variety of marketing strategies to promote our children's books, including social media, email newsletters, author events, and book fairs.
Our children's books are known for their engaging stories, beautiful illustrations, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. We strive to publish books that will captivate young readers and inspire a lifelong love of reading.

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